Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

Representing the 24th District of Florida


Energy and Environment

We have just one planet, and it’s up to us to protect it. 

Foreign Affairs

Growing up in Florida—with its tremendous cultural diversity—is excellent preparation for serving as an advocate for peace, justice, and human rights in Congress.   I remain committed to fighting for the underserved and the persecuted globally.

My foreign policy priorities include the following:


Miami-Dade County—parts of which I am fortunate to represent in Congress—is home to the largest Haitian-American population in the United States, and I am proud to call Haitian-Americans my friends, my constituents, and, yes, my family.


Quality housing is an essential part of the American Dream.  But—with high unemployment, a continuing foreclosure crisis, and the declining availability of public housing options—it’s increasingly difficult to find a suitable and affordable place to live.  


America has always been a nation of immigrants.  People from other nations—who arrived here both with and without documentation—have enriched our society and made tremendous contributions to our economy.  This is true now more than ever.  As we seek to overcome the lasting effects of the Great Recession, immigrants are engines of job-creation and a vital source of economic strength. 


Unemployment is our real deficit. Unemployment is not only the moral crisis of our time — leaving families homeless and dreams destroyed — but also an underlying cause of our federal government’s increased levels of borrowing. Massive job losses following the 2008 financial crisis left us with fewer tax receipts and more people requiring benefits.


The U.S. labor force is a pillar of our nation’s strength. Congresswoman Wilson believes that we must protect and advance the rights, protections, and benefits our labor force needs to work with dignity and create better lives for themselves and their families.


I oppose Republican efforts to change Medicare from an entitlement to a voucher program for individuals aged 54 and under. It is simply unfair to balance the budget and make cuts to this vital entitlement program without even considering all options to balance the budget. This voucher program does not keep pace with medical costs, shifting thousands of dollars of costs onto individuals.

Science, Space, and Technology

I am proud to serve as a member of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee and as the Ranking Democratic Member of the Subcommittee on Technology.   In these roles, I am working to ensure our nation maintains its competitive edge in technology, advocating to increase diversity in fields including scientific research and engineering, and fighting to bring high-paying aerospace and technolog

Social Security

Every American deserves economic security in retirement or disability.  Since the 1930s, this has been a national promise.  Social Security has, since that time, kept tens of millions of people out of poverty and saved countless lives.   


Again and again, the men and women of our Armed Services demonstrate extraordinary courage and selflessness.  The sacrifices they and their families routinely make are difficult to fathom.  In Congress, I am committed to honoring our service members not only with words but with deeds.  I strongly support President Obama’s efforts to increase funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensu

Voting Rights

My personal experiences in Florida in recent elections testify to a simple fact: Voter suppression remains a serious threat to civil rights in 21st Century America. Marathon voting lines for low-income and minority groups, reduced early voting hours, voters purges, and voter registration restrictions, remain endemic.