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Congresswoman Frederica Wilson Statement on Passage of the GOP Tax Scam Bill

"With the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which rewards the rich and penalizes the poor, President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have pulled off one of the biggest heists in recent history. They are doing so despite the adverse impact it will have on low- and middle-income families and the overwhelming disapproval of a majority of Americans. It is very telling that most of the Republican lawmakers who support the legislation have little idea about what's actually in it. What that tells me is that they are prioritizing a desperately needed legislative win over the needs of our constituents.

"Mr. Trump is calling the bill a ‘great Christmas gift' to the middle class, but it is in reality a great big lump of coal that will burn through the nation's economy for generations to come.

"As in any good long con, Republicans have included in their plan lower tax rates that will go into effect early in the new year, which they hope will divert hard working Americans' attention from what's to come. Taxpayers across the board will see more money in their paychecks, but the largest tax cuts will go to the top 1%, adding $1.7 trillion to the federal debt.

"The richest 1% of Floridians will enjoy a 40% tax cut, while the state's poorest 20% will get a mere 1% reduction. In addition, while the lower rate for working and middle-income taxpayers will expire in 2025 when they will begin paying a higher rate, corporate tax cuts will remain permanent.

"The GOP tax scam also is bad for Floridians' health. With a repeal of the tax penalty charged to people without health insurance, premiums will go up, while the number of insured goes down. Congress still hasn't reauthorized the Children's Health Insurance Program and if it is not refunded by the end of January, 340,000 children in our state may lose their health care.

"Those aren't the only hits that low- and middle-income families will feel. Next up on the Republicans' take from the poor to give to the rich' agenda will be entitlements, including Medicaid and Medicare spending. Under the guise of ‘reform,' they will begin to shred the social safety net, to which millions of Americans are already desperately clinging, to pay for the fraud perpetrated today."