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Social Security

Every American deserves economic security in retirement or disability. Since the 1930s, this has been a national promise. Social Security has, since that time, kept tens of millions of people out of poverty and saved countless lives.

As a Member of Congress, I am deeply committed to protecting Social Security. This means I will vote against any measure to privatize the program, cut benefits, or increase the eligibility age. As a core commitment, I believe Social Security recipients should be entitled to maintain their purchasing power. This is why I strongly believe we must maintain the current system of adjusting to account for changes in the cost of living.

While many politicians have argued that we must overhaul or even eliminate Social Security to cope with the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement, I reject this argument. Without any cost-savings, leading economists estimate Social Security will be fully solvent for at least the next 25 years. I pledge to find new ways to strengthen Social Security and extend its solvency without placing an undue burden on the backs of deserving recipients.