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Foreign Affairs

Growing up in Florida—with its tremendous cultural diversity—is excellent preparation for serving as an advocate for peace, justice, and human rights in Congress. I remain committed to fighting for the underserved and the persecuted globally.

My foreign policy priorities include the following:

Ending the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: Recent estimates suggest that the past decades wars have cost American taxpayers upwards of $4 trillion. This is to say nothing of the thousands of precious lives lost. At a time of widespread budget cuts to education and other vital services, we simply cannot continue these wars. I am advocating in Congress for a prompt end to our wars abroad.

Honoring our Troops: In Congress, I will continue to advocate that our troops have the best equipment, healthcare, and services available. The one percent of Americans who voluntarily raise their right hand and swear to protect the rest of us deserve nothing less. These individuals also deserve honest, forthright and clear answers whenever we choose to send them into harm's way. As a Member of Congress, I will make sure that we make smart, intelligent decisions regarding the use of military force.

Standing with Israel: Our bond with Israel is unbreakable. In Congress, I have fought to affirm this truth by sponsoring legislation to ensure robust assistance to Israel and apply strong and steady pressure on Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Peace in the Middle East depends on reason, understanding, and acceptance that all parties have the basic right to exist. I call on Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist as an essential step to ending a conflict that has lasted too long and taken far too many lives.

Strengthening Caribbean-American Relations: I am proud of my Caribbean-American heritage, and I am committed to fighting for human rights and economic progress in the region. In Congress, I am advocating to ensure that Cuba protects the human rights of all of its citizens, including the freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, and the right to vote in fair elections. I have pushed for proactive development and recovery assistance for the people of Haiti, championing causing including Temporary Protected Status for Haitians currently in the United States and stronger protections for Haitian women from gender-based violence.

America is still the strongest, wealthiest nation on earth. We must continue to do our part to reduce poverty, raise living standards, and strengthen cooperation globally.