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Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on Yet Another Continuing Resolution

 Today, Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) issued the following statement regarding the continuing resolution of the 2024 appropriations bills funding the federal government:

“If kicking the can down the road is a sport, then conservatives are running out of room for trophies. Today's continuing resolution vote feels like another Deja vu of Democrats bailing out Republicans from their inability to govern. The last two continuing resolutions highlighted this troubling pattern and the urgent need for a sustainable and responsible approach to budgeting, which seems to confound the Republican majority.

“While keeping the government open and functioning is essential, we must also recognize the importance of long-term planning and fiscal responsibility. Our nation deserves better than a series of short-term fixes.

“We have a responsibility to the American people to break free from this cycle of temporary measures and work towards comprehensive, bipartisan solutions that ensure the stability and prosperity of our nation.”