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Quality housing is an essential part of the American Dream. But—with high unemployment, a continuing foreclosure crisis, and the declining availability of public housing options—it's increasingly difficult to find a suitable and affordable place to live.

In Congress, I have championed the cause of stopping home evictions in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. I sponsored the Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation Act to bring banks and homeowners together to find alternatives to eviction. I have also been a strong supporter of

I have also engaged the community directly, facilitating a successful Foreclosure Prevention Workshop in Miami Gardens in 2012. I will continue working to create incentives for banks to come to the table and find workable solutions for struggling homeowners.

I have also been proud to stand up for public housing options. It's a travesty that no federal funds have gone toward new public housing in recent decades. It's time to reverse this trend. I support new funding for public housing, including full funding for the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which would boost the supply of quality housing for the lowest-income Americans.