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Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on the Florida Supreme Court’s Decision to Put Abortion on the Ballot

Today, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (FL-24) released the following statement on the Florida Supreme Court’s Decision to put Abortion on the ballot:

“Today, the Florida Supreme Court has made a pivotal ruling, granting the citizens of Florida the opportunity to vote on the legality of abortion, putting the power of choice back into our hands. Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade, we've witnessed a relentless assault by MAGA Republicans on our right to choose, our privacy, and our autonomy over our bodies.

“The aggression with which these extremists have targeted our freedoms has been a slap in the face for all Americans, especially Floridians. However, one fundamental truth remains: people’s reproductive health care decisions should be made by them. It should not be subject to the mandates of the state, unelected officials, or male legislators who lack firsthand experience of the joys, pains, and challenges of a pregnancy.

“Now, with abortion up for consideration on the Florida ballot, we have the opportunity to reclaim the authority over our own bodies. I know what it was like before Roe v. Wade. I almost died from a stillbirth because, at the time, there were no protections for me. We cannot go back to those days. We must unite and mobilize to ensure that these rights are safeguarded within Florida law so future generations don’t have to face the same horrors as I once did. People, not politicians, should be in control of their reproductive health decisions, and that remains our goal today and every day.”

Congresswoman Wilson also wrote an Op-ed sharing her personal experience with stillbirth before Roe v. Wade became the law of the land. Click here to read the op-ed.

Congresswoman Wilson also delivered a viral speech on the House floor about her near-death stillbirth experience prior to the Roe v. Wade decision. Click here to watch it.