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Congresswoman Wilson Leads Florida Delegation Letter to House Leaders Urging Support for Cruise Industry Workers

Miami, FL – This week, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, joined by several members of Florida's congressional delegation, led a letter to congressional leadership expressing support for the cruise industry and the hundreds of thousands of American workers it employs.

The coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted this industry and forced cruise lines to temporarily suspend operations. The move has closed a $53 billion, vital artery for the U.S. economy that supports more than 421,000 American jobs.

The cruise industry also benefits numerous other American workers and economic sectors, including travel agencies, shops, restaurants, tour operators, and seaports. Florida is one of the primary beneficiaries of this economic activity. At PortMiami alone, cruise activity accounts for more than 60 percent of the port's income and cruise lines provide the port $120 million a year in fees.

"At a time when the cruise industry, which is vital to the economic health of Florida, is on life support due to the coronavirus crisis, we should not take any action that would further harm this multi-billion-dollar industry and the hundreds of thousands of workers it supports," said Rep. Wilson.

Specifically, the letter asks House leadership not to unfairly target the cruise industry and to provide the same level of support to the workers in this industry that is being provided to every other American worker.

For the full letter, click here.