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Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on the Supreme Court’s Abortion Decision

Miami, Fla. – Today, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (FL-24) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the nearly fifty-year precedent of the Roe v. Wade decision:

“Today marks a dark day in our history for women, girls, and families all over the nation with the overturning of Roe’s 50-year precedent. Let’s be clear about what abortion access means for our communities: for millions, it has meant the ability to make choices about their own bodies. That choice should be left to no one else but the individual who will bear the child. Not the state, not unelected judges, and certainly not male legislators who have never felt the joy, pain, and challenges that come with carrying a pregnancy to term.

“The Roe decision extended a second chance for young women who were not yet ready to become mothers. It gave people of all social and economic statuses the ability and the agency to make those choices, regardless of which state they reside in. Today’s decision will not end abortion, but it will limit who has access to safe and legal abortions, placing a greater burden on Black and minority women, families, and caretakers.

“While it seems that we’ve lost the battle, the war for reproductive freedoms is far from over. This is a setback to our greater goal of extending reproductive health access to every American, but there is a lot still at stake that we must protect. We need to ensure that birth control and emergency contraception remain available and accessible to everyone who needs it. We must continue to implore male reproductive care options so that the burden does not fall solely on women. We can expand reproductive education. And we should expand the Supreme Court to stop this tidal wave of delegitimizing decisions that go against the will and values of the American people.

“Abortion is health care. Abortion is a human right. And that right must be protected.”

In May, Congresswoman Wilson published an op-ed in the Miami Herald calling out the hypocrisy of Florida Republicans claiming to be ‘pro-life’ until the baby is born, and then refusing to support caretakers and families. The op-ed is linked here.