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Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, alongside multiple Congressional Black Caucus Fathers, Celebrate Father’s Day and Uplift Black Fathers

Ahead of Father’s Day, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (FL-24)Chair of the Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, alongside multiple Congressional Black Caucus Fathers, is uplifting Black fathers through a series of initiatives to dispel the myth of the absent Black Father.

Unfortunately, Black fathers are often stereotyped as absent and as deadbeat dads. These tropes not only devalue Black fathers, but they also have material costs, including making it more difficult for them to gain custody or visitation rights for their children, as well as diminishing the social safety net for this critical group. Additionally, the stereotypes are wrongA study by the Centers of Disease Control concluded that Black fathers are not absent or deadbeat dads, they are, in fact, more likely to read, bathe, talk with, and support their children than fathers of other races. 

Given the misinformation about Black fathers, it is past time to reclaim the narrative on Black fathers.

“Father’s Day reminds us to dispel the myth that Black fathers are absent. Black fathers are equally, if not more, involved in their children’s lives. This false narrative pushed by pop culture and conservative media needs to be challenged,” Congresswoman Frederica Wilson said. “As a Congresswoman and chair of the Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, we are celebrating and uplifting Black fathers, working to change outdated narratives. And let’s not forget that the problems that face all Black Americans, including gaps in education, jobs, health, and so much more, also affect our Black Fathers. Only by addressing these issues can we start to break down the generational struggles Black boys face growing up. We're developing policies to empower Black fathers and collaborating with groups to support their well-being.”

As part of Father’s Day, Congresswoman Wilson has given certificates of appreciation to all the Congressional Black Caucus Fathers to thank them for their role in being a father.

“As the proud dad of two Black sons, it’s so important that we eliminate the myth of absent Black fathers. Contrary to popular belief, studies show that Black fathers are very involved in their kids' lives. We help with homework, attend school activities, and provide emotional support. We nurture and guide our children. As we celebrate Father’s Day, I’m challenging these unfair stereotypes and praising the important role Black men play in their kids' lives. From one dad to another, Happy Father’s Day,” said Congressman Troy A. Carter, Sr. (LA-02).

 Congressman Troy Carter recently co-led a briefing with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson on the Mental Health of Black Men and Boys.      

In coordination with other Congressional Black Caucus Members, multiple members of Congress united in highlighting a father in their community as part of the joint efforts to uplift Black fathers.

Congresswoman Wilson, with the Caucus on the Commission on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys, also previously hosted a briefing titled Reclaiming the “Fatherhood Narrative for Black Men Congressional Briefing” that honored the father of the Congressional Black Caucus. For the link to the briefing video, click here.