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Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on the Continued Resolution

Today, Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) released the following statement in response to the Continued Resolution, to which she voted yes:

“Once again, at the eleventh hour, Democrats are bailing Republicans out because, after all the political games and stunts Republicans pulled, they realized you need both parties to govern. I voted yes on this continued resolution because we need to keep the government open. Today marks a victory for the American people, avoiding a catastrophic shutdown and sidestepping some of the harsh consequences of Republican proposals aimed at criminalizing abortion, cutting social security and Medicare, and dismantling public education.

“Governing is no simple task, but shirking that responsibility by prioritizing politics over people is not the solution. Republicans have wasted weeks on political theatrics, from failing to choose a Speaker to pushing forward heartless appropriations bills. But today, Democrats led the effort to put people over politics, and the American people won.”