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Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on the Continued Resolution to Fund Our Government

Today, Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (FL-24) released the following statement regarding her vote on the Continuing Resolution passed out of the House of Representatives:

“Today, I cast my vote in favor of the continuing resolution, for a very simple reason: we must keep our government open. This resolution offers us an additional 45 days, a brief window of opportunity for Speaker McCarthy and his Republican colleagues to fulfill the promises they made to the American people.

“A government shutdown is not an abstract concept. It has real and dire consequences for our fellow citizens. It jeopardizes vital programs like SNAP and WIC, programs that countless families rely on to put food on the table. It forces our brave servicemembers to work without the compensation they rightfully deserve. Such a shutdown would inflict severe harm upon our economy and our nation, and we simply cannot allow that to come to pass.

“Let me be clear though: I will not vote to criminalize abortion, I will not vote to bully the LGBTQ+ community, I will not vote to cut public education funding, I will not vote to slash social security, and I will not vote to cut public safety. These are the proposals extreme MAGA Republicans want, and Democrats will not stand for that. 

“As we enter this extended 45-day period to deliberate and negotiate a final budget, it is essential to recognize that House Republicans find themselves isolated on an island by themselves. What we are witnessing is a civil war within the Republican party, a divisive struggle that must be resolved so that we can return to the urgent task of serving the needs and aspirations of the American people.”