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Rep. Wilson’s Statement on Haitian Flag Day

Miami, Fla.  Today, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (FL-24) issued the following statement celebrating Haitian Flag Day:

“Celebrated annually on May 18th, Haitian Flag Day is an opportunity for people of all backgrounds to join in dance, food, and festival as they commemorate this unifying symbol of Haitian people’s independent spirit.

“On this day in 1803, Haitian Revolutionary leader Jean-Jacques Dessalines and his goddaughter Catherine Flon are storied to have sown Haiti’s first flag from pieces of the flag of their former French rulers. This event marked a new chapter in the history of the island and its people thanks to the brave leaders who led the only successful slave revolt on the Western Hemisphere. 

“I am proud to represent one of the largest Haitian American communities in the country – a vibrant and diverse community that remains integrally tuned-in to affairs back on the island. Unfortunately, many on the island and their families continue to struggle with threats of violence, unrest, and economic instability. Now, more than ever, Haiti needs our support and guidance to get through this difficult time and emerge more democratic, prosperous, and with a brighter path forward.”